Monday, June 14, 2010

Pupa Puposka...

...try to say this very fast and do a lot of repetitions. "Puposka" is the name of a Russian nesting doll by Italian make-up company Pupa.
Yes - it IS kitschy and I declared the end of the matroyshka mania last November, but I'm still intrigued. Look what they managed to hide in that dolly! My late grandma once gave me a tiny Pupa make-up kit - oh such a long time ago - and I remember that the quality of their lipgloss was outstanding, but Pupa make-up is not that easy to find over here. For some reason I would really like to play with the Puposka and discover everything that is hidden inside.


And just because... I consulted my stats and took a screen shot of the map that tells me where my (most recent) blog readers came from. It completely blows me away. This internet thingy really makes the world so small.



gracia said...

Mine too... whenever I look at a map of recent visitors I am amazed and a smile is drawn across my face.

Anke said...

@gracia I'm glad to read I'm not the only one spying on her visitors. :)

Dindie said...

oh wowww this puposka is soooo cute. i want one :)

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